Sunday, 5 July 2015

The start of something new...

Hello everyone!
I've been unsatisfied with the quality of my life lately, and by that I mean my lifestyle, my eating isn't the healthiest anymore, I have stopped working out and I am stressed and lazy!
I have decided to make a change as from today by making slight changes which will include:
  • Meditating in order to calm myself down when feeling stressed
  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day 
  • Reading for 20 minutes a day
  • drinking 2-3L of water each day
  • having a balanced diet
  • Keeping my room tidy
These are simple changes but I know will make me feel happier and better toward life. I recommend you trying these things if you are not already doing them to make your life just that bit more satisfying.
Chlo Xx

Unifest 2015

Early wednesday morning i got up, packed and ready to go to university for three days! I was nervous to be around new people and doing things out of my comfort zone but it was such a good experience! 
When we got there we was given keys to our own room, then we was split up into 6 different coloured groups, i was in blue. Our first activity involved us decorating cupcakes which was fun. After that we went into the kitched and prepared our own salads which also required us to make our own healthy salad dressing! On the evening we went to the cinema to watch minions, it was a fun day!

The next day we got up bright and early, my first activity was to make a TV show, we had our own set and professional equiptment! I played the role of a contestent on the quiz show, this was one of my favourite activities! 

After this, we went down into the bar to make mocktails! (non alcoholic cocktails) it was so fun and my mocktail was so delicious that it won in the competition of who could make the best mocktail! 

The last day involved us making an animation using fruit! This was my least favoirite activity because it required small movements in order to make the animation look realistic which was very time consuming! Finally we had our own graduation ceremony which involved us recieving a certificate. Some people got a more personalised additional award, including myself. My award was called "little miss sunshine" it was for always being positive and motivated to get where i want to be in the future! 

I made so many new friends and memories from this experience! I really would recommend it to anyone who gets this oppotunity! 

Chloe Xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Coping with exams

Although gcse is over for the year 11s, the pressure is now on for the year 10s (including me) I am currently in the middle of my mock exams and feel like pulling my hair out with stress! Today I went to see one of my teachers for help and he helped me make a revision timetable....

This is what mine looks like (it is up until my final exam) and he let me personalise it by writing motivational quotes from role models ect, i really recommend you make lne of these! 

Secondly make sure you know when your exams are! Mine is stuck on my wall next to my revision timetable.... 

Do not wait until the night before your exam to revise! I started revising weeks before alot of my exams so i was prepared. 

DO NOT JUST READ THROUGH YOUR NOTES, consolidate and shrink your notes then make visual revision aids or things that will help you remember your notes....

Hope this helps a little, good luck with your exams, work hard because it will be worth it! 
Chloe x

Friday, 12 June 2015

Costa Crazy, Costa Mad!

Yes, i confess! I have an obsession with Costa and eveyone knows it! Im the girl whos known for always being at costa which is in fact true...
Here is a nice collage of just a FEW of my favourite drinks... Others include caramel lattes, iced teas, coolers and cappucinos. 
My favourite drink however is the new MANGO CREAMY COOLER! It is the best creation ever, so shout out to costa for your new marvellous creation. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Starting youtube?

Ive been contemplating on wether i should start making youtube videos? I have always wanted to make them but i just dont know if people would watch me! 
My youtube would be on fashion, makeup and life style, please could i have some lf your opinions? 
Thanks! Xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Social Networking

Hello! This post is dedicated to my other social networking sites. My favourite app (besides blog loving) is instagram! 
Be sure to follow my account: chloknowles 
I also am a regular user of Twitter! 
Chloknowles4 is my @
 Finally, i have recently started selling items of depop! Be sure to have a browse through my wardrobe;) @chloeknowles

Monday, 25 May 2015

Breakfast idea💜

Good morning!
I am always looking for new breakfast ideas so i thought that i would share a few of mine with you. 
I had never actually tried the breakfast i am making before, it was granola with fruit and honey🌸 

First I  put in two big handfuls of the Jordans Simply Granola (you can add more or add less than me) 

 The next step is to add as much or as little honey as you like ( i added a table spoons worth ) i suppose you could replace the honey with something like syrup, nutella or another alternative. 

Try to spread the honey out around the granola as it falls of the spoon, if it didn't distribute evenly, stir it all together.
The next step is to add some milk. Again, as much or as little as you desire. 
Finally add your fruit! I went for raspberries and grapes, i quite like the idea of adding sliced banana and almonds.
Have a lovely day!✨